The TrendZ Virtual Fashion Show is an international event that highlights the emerging talent of young Stylists. With virtual shows and customized stands, participants have the unique opportunity to showcase their creations in their own countries or on a global platform, connecting with a diverse audience and receiving valuable feedback from the fashion industry.

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Oct 15th - Nov 20th

Unleash Your Creativity on the Virtual Catwalk: Become the Next National and International Fashion Icon!

We are thrilled to announce our virtual fashion event, TrendZ, which will revolutionize the fashion scene, opening doors for young Stylists like you, both at home and abroad.


The event will take place at these locations simultaneously.

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AiF will release pre-registration for the event to the first interested parties for a symbolic fee of 37 dollars, pounds or euros.

During pre-registration, the symbolic fee will be the only amount paid by the exhibitor to participate and reserve their Virtual Booth.

After the launch of the Official Event Website shortly, the special pre-registration condition will be closed and the registration fee will return to its normal value.

The event is sponsored by Montfort & Lynch Corporation and organized by AiF.


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And the first person registered was a Brazilian:


Graduating in Fashion

Piero Di Valentín


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My motivation for applying goes beyond the desire for fame; it's about demonstrating my ability and the importance of fashion in my life. I see fashion as a form of genuine expression, a way of revealing my true essence. This event represents a unique opportunity to share my knowledge in this fascinating world and finally bring to life my creations, which have been stored away for a long time.

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    About TrendZ

    The TrendZ Virtual Fashion Show is an international event that highlights the emerging talent of young Stylists.


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